A State-of-the-Art Outpatient Surgery Center

About Us

At Willamette Surgery Center we offer the best in surgical technology in a comfortable environment. Our focus is on our patients. 


We offer both outpatient surgery and minimally invasive surgery to help move patients towards rapid recovery and return patients back to their lives as quickly as possible.

Find Us

We are located in Salem, Oregon across the street from our surgery partner, Hope Orthopedics of Oregon. Please contact us if you want to learn more about outpatient surgery.

  • Wally A.

    Surgery went well and everyone that helped me that day was amazing. Everyone was very informative and caring. I did not have to wait very long or anything. Even waking up from Anastasia wasn’t bad. All the surgeries I’ve had and this anesthesiologist was probably the best I’ve had. I Would recommend this surgery center for surgeries. - 9/19/2022 

  •  Avatar

    Calm, caring environment. There was absolutely no wait time. I got there, checked in, was walked back, got changed, met with my surgeon, met my anesthesiologist, was given an IV, and finally walked back for my surgery all within less than 1 hour. When I woke up they were very quick to get my brace on and help me get dressed. The doctor was in direct contact with my husband after surgery to let him know how it went and that I was out of surgery. All in all I felt very comfortable and in good hands. Definitely would recommend! - 9/19/2022 

  • Jeff D.

    Everything went very well and all the staff was very gracious and competent. - 9/15/2022 

  • Nancy B.

    Comfortable and private facility with very caring staff and doctors! - 9/14/2022 

  • Navneet K.

    I had an arthroscopy at Willamette Surgery Center. It was a quick one, but everyone that I came across starting from the front desk was as courteous as can be. They treated me with care and respect. That’s all one can hope for. My heartfelt gratitude for everyone at Willamette Surgery Center! - 9/14/2022 

  • Michael L.

    Everything was explained perfectly to me and went as expected! You guys did a great job and the reason I went there was because my son broke his wrist and you guys fixed his wrist with surgery and physical therapy and did an excellent job with him as well. Thank you guys. - 9/14/2022 

  • Matt E.

    Great outpatient experience. Friendly staff and medical team from start to finish. Post surgery, they cared about your recovery. The surgeon met me prior and answered all concerns. - 9/11/2022 

  • Jose D.

    The staff and surgeons were very courteous and very clear and direct on how the procedure was going to happen. Very nice people 👍 Thanks Doc. - 9/10/2022 

  • Lori C.

    I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my knee, and the staff was so friendly, caring and professional. They made me and my partner feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you for all you do. - 8/30/2022 

  • Mike N.

    Amazing staff very professional and very kind. - 8/30/2022